No More Sunburn

GLIZA Sun Spray is designed to protect you

Gliza Sun Spray has a very light texture. You’ll notice immediately how smooth and weightless it feels on your skin. It is easy to apply and no need to rubs. It doesn't leave any white streaks. Once you try Gliza you will notice a big difference!
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It has a non-oily texture and ideal for people who don’t like oily textures.

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It’s applied easily without having to sink your hand just sprays no need to rub.

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It’s ultra-easy to apply and doesn’t leave any white marks on your skin.

Gliza Sun Spray Non Stiky-100


It has a lightweight that protects from sun and leaves skin supple, not sticky.

Whenever you need

GLIZA Sun Spray Offers On The Go Protection

Thanks to Gliza's compact travel size bottle you can protect yourself at any time and any place. You can carry it in your bag and apply it easily.
Broad Spectrum Uva + Uvb Protection

Water Resistant (80min)

All of Gliza Sun Sprays come with 80 min water-resistance feature which means it retains its stated SPF while swimming or sweating. Gliza offers an ultra-light hydrator with moisturizers, aloe, and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
Gliza is proud to manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A
Since the inception of our organization, we’ve offered the highest quality, safest, built-to-last product possible. We have never wavered in our pledge to keep it all made right here in America. Gliza leads the industry in proving that you can produce a superior product while still being profitable and competitive on a global scale. It also allows us to be able to invest more in research and development, bringing innovative technology that makes our products even better.
Gliza Made in USA
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Gliza Sun Spray

Gliza hydrating sun sprays offer instant protection from sunburn. It is super easy to apply and no need to rub.